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'Frasier' premiers in the US on Tuesday, September 24, 2002,

This is a site dedicated to one of my favourite things...FRASIER!!
There are many things to do at this website. For instance you could send someone a Frasier Virtual Card. Also, you could learn more about "Frasier" and the Frasier cast by reading the Character Info page or checking in on other things that the "Frasier" cast have done(What else have they done?). Drop in on My "A Bug's Life" tribute page. My Quote Lists seem to be a big hit, so join one! You can talk to other "Frasier" fans by going to the Frasier Chat. You can vote on Frasier things by going to the Frasier Voting Booth. Play the day away with my Frasier Games. My Frasier Sound Gallery is the largest on the web and always growing! Visit my Frasier Photo Gallery for a sampling of Frasier pictures from across the web! Last, but certainly not least, visit my one of my two Links Pages. One is only Frasier links and the other is all different pages from all over the web(all of them are approved by me). I now release you to surf my page and HAVE FUN! Don't forget to sign my Guest Book!

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