~~Frasier Schemes~~

For Win95 users without Plus!

It is not fair. Those with Plus! can download all the cool schemes and we can't! Well, I figured out how we can use the schemes without running to the store and buying Win98. The only thing you can't use is the different icons.

Sounds Cursors Backgrounds


First, I will show you how to set up a 'Frasier' sound scheme.

First things first. Download the below sounds. It would be wise to put them in a folder that is easy to find. Then go to: Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Sounds. Next, highlight . Then click browse and find the Frasier sound scheme asterisk file in your hard drive. This will be how it works for everyone. Not every event in there has a sound in this scheme. The ones that do are:

Critical Stop
Default Sound
Empty Trash
Error Sound
Exit Windows
Menu Command
Menu popup
Restore Down
Restore Up
Start Windows


Second are these really cool cursors. Download the below cursors. It would be wise to put them in a folder that is easy to find. Then go to: Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Mouse. Click on the tab that reads 'pointers'. Highlight the first choice in the list {Normal Select in this case} Click browse and find the cursor that it goes with. Unfortunatly, the names of each are not the same. You might want use the list below as a referance. Every cursor choice as a match in this scheme. The first name is the name in 'Mouse' settings. The second is the file name. In the order that they appear in 'Mouse' settings:

Normal Select {Arrow}

Help Select {Help}

Working in Background {Wait}

Busy {Working}

Precision Select {Cross}

Text Selection {Beam}

Handwriting {Pen}

Unavalible {No}

Vertical Resize {Size_NS}

Horizontal Resize {Size_WE}

Diagonal Resize 1 {Size_NWSE}

Diagonal Resize 2 {Size_NESW}

Move {Move}

Alternate Selection {Up}


I hope that most of you know how to change your backgrounds, but if you don't here we go! Right click on the desktop and click 'Properties'.(If you don't have 2 mouse buttons, Start-> Settings-> Control Panel -> Display) Then, click on Browse under the wallpaper side. There are 6 backgrounds that you can download here. One comes with the Frasier Scheme. The other 5 I made! They are very cool, try them all.

The Origanal Background with this Theme

Daphne Background

Frasier Background

Niles Background

Martin Background

Eddie Background