Test of Love

Test the amount of love between to people by filling in the first two blanks with people's names. Then hit "Calculate" to reveal the precentage of love between two people. Try it out!

Can't think of any couples?? Why don't you try:
Niles Crane & Daphne Moon
Bob Briscoe & Roz Doyle
Frasier Crane & Lilith Sternin
Frasier Crane & Nanny Gee
Frasier Crane & Diane Chambers
Niles Crane & Maris Crane
Martin Crane & Hester Crane
You & your Favourtie Fraiser Character!!
Or you could just make up some names!!

+ =

Disclaimer--This is not real! It is just for fun and amusement. DO NOT base marriage, divorce, or any other important things on this little game.

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