'Frasier' Character Information

Get up-close & personnal with the characters that we all know and love from the hit show "Frasier" on NBC.

Frasier Crane

Niles Crane

Martin Crane

Daphne Moon

Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe

Roz Doyle

Dr. Frasier Winslow Crane; Born and Raised in Seattle, Washington.
Lives on the 19th story of the Elliot Bay Towers in Seattle(excellent view)
Speaks fluent Spanish
Plays Piano
Favourite Breakfast includes Bran Muffin, Yogurt, and Coffee.
Favorite Coffees; Kenya Blend from Starbucks. He normally orders
a Double Kona with Cream at Cafe Nervosa.
Enjoys a glass of Sherry after work
Favourite City; Paris
Favourite Musical; Candide
Political views; Democratic

As a youngster Frasier--

Took Clarinet lessons (I Hate Frasier Crane)
Had an affair with Piano Teacher when he was 18 (Slow Tango in South Seattle)
Recited the names of Puccini's Operas to keep his mind off the pain of
his first Tetnus shot when he was 5 or 6 years old.
Used to sit on his mother's davenport in his tweeds and tams and listen
to the Texaco Symphonic Hour on the radio
Had a dachshund named Pavlov
Was in the Chess Club
Was in the Woodshop Club a very short amount of time.
Was a Boy Scout
Starred as Conrad Birdie in a prep school production of 'Bye Bye, Birdie'.

Frasier's education and profession

Did his undergraduate work at Oxford
Did his graduate work at Harvard
--Graduated with Honors in psychosocial behaviorism
Specialty is adult relations
Frasier is the author of more than 27 magazine articles
--including one for Redbook entitled- "Psychotherapy: Is It For You?"

Frasier's relationships

First Marriage was to Nanny Gee; a Raffi-like Children's Entertainer
(Played by Emma Thompson on an episode of Cheers)
Frasier fell in love with Diane Chambers when she checked herself into the Golden Brook Sanitarium.
He moved to Boston to be with the Cheers barmaid and would-be novelist. Eventually,
they became engaged and flew to Europe to be married. Diane left him at the alter.
Second Marriage was to Dr. Lilith Sternin. They were married in Feb. of 1988. Had one child, Frederick Crane
Divorced some years after.

Dr. Niles Crane; Born and raised in Seattle, Washington.
Attended Yale & Cambridge.
Was a National Merit Finalist
Looks down on Frasier's show(unless he's on it!)

Drives a Mercedes E-320 (black, of course)
Vanity License Plate? "SHRINK"

Conducts workshops, seminars, & groups for:
Fear of abandonment
Sexual addition
Fear of intimacy
Multiple personality disorders
Healing with humor
Compulsive spending

Drink-- Stoli Gibson with three pearl onions
Vegetable-- Carrots
Shoes-- Bruno Maglis loafers
Coffee-- Latte with nutmeg and a wisper of cinnamon.

Was married to the ever-mysterious Maris Crane.
She treated him like dirt and then tried to
get him back by taking everything away from him
However, Niles got her to settle wit out a judge
buy threatening to tell everyone that her family
fortune didn't really come from the lumber industry.
It came from a break through with Urinal Cakes!!
Needless to say, Niles is back at the Montana with
almost of his furnishings.

Thank goodness that he got out of the "Shang-Ri-La" apartments!
Frank, the owner of the apartments, and the rest
of Niles' friends there were giving me the

Niles was tormented by the school bully, Danny Creasal as a child
Once he gave Niles a swirly as all the other children
chanted, "There goes Crane down the drain!" Poor Niles!

Martin Crane; Born and Raised in Seattle

Best Friend- Eddie, a loyal(not very smart)Wired-haired Jack Russel Terrier
Worked for the Seattle police department before retiring in 1991 when he was shot
by a punk robbing a convenience store.
Was married to Dr. Hester Crane, a psychologist, for 35 years.
They met over the chalk out-line of a victim, and were married 6 months later.
Hester died sometime before 1993 from unexplained causes.

Martin's Current Life

Martin lives with Frasier at Elliot Bay Towers
Favourite Beer--Ballentine's Favourite Piece of Furniture--His 25 year old BarcaLounger which is different
shades of green, brown, white, and mixtures of those. Of course, it
is currently being held together with pieces of duct tape.
When Martin is not watching TV, he listens to the Gonzo Sport Show hosted by
Bob "Bulldog" Brisco on KACL. Martin almost got re-married to Sherry (played by Marsha Mason). Frasier
and Niles thank the Lord he didn't.

Daphne Moon; Born and raised in Manchester, England.
Came to the US early in 1993.
lives with Frasier in what used to be his study.
Claims to be a bit psychic(powers are strongest during her time of the month)
Was in a British TV series at the age of 12
--"Mind Your Knickers"
Likes to watch soap operas & daytime talk shows
Likes to play poker, darts, & sometimes have a couple of pints with her friends.

Family(oh, dear!)
8 brothers and many other relatives
-Billy the ballroom dance teacher(brother)
-Grandfather died in his sleep at 93, Grammy thought he was napping
-Granddad would chase them around the room with his teeth out;
then his mood would change & they'd have to run for their lives
-Uncle Jackie, the transvestite, lives in San Fransico

Daphne has dated a few men during the course of the show like Joe the Carpenter
and Eric the waiter at Cafe Nervosa. Nothing was very serious(in the US).
Although she did date Joe for about six months. And then there is
Donnie....more about him at the end of the 6th season.

Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe; Born & raised ??

Host of the "Gonzo Sports Show" on KACL
Highest-rated on-air Personality
Been on the air for 15 years.
Is afraid of lizards
Likes to play sound effects on his show. Some are:
Duck Calls
Donkey Brays
Abbot & Costello routines

Trys to "Bag Bridesmaids" at weddings--the uglier the dress,
the faster they want to get out of it.
Mike Ditka once stuffed him in a locker for asking for an interview

Daphne once bought Bulldog at an bachelor auction because no
one was bidding. Later, on the date, Daphne got drunk in the limo
For once, Bulldog was turned off.

Roz Doyle; Born & Raised in a small town in Wisconsin.

Her mother is the Wisconsin State Attorney General
Has season tickets to the Sonics
Once bought the line backer for the Seahawks,
T.J. Smith, at a bachelor auction.
Is the producer, call screener, & emergency fill-in
for the "Dr. Frasier Crane Show".
She has been in the business since 1983
First woman producer at KACL
Didn't go to her family reunion once year because she was
sick of Being asked about her tattoo(where it is has never been revealed).

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