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October 31, 2001:
I have been sending out Frasier Quotes for about 3 weeks now! Don't be
afraid to sign up for a bit of sunshine in your inbox! Just sign up below!

September 16, 2001:
The Quote of the Week will be sent out every Sunday, and will start next week
as long as there are 10 people subscribed! Just sign up below!

September 15, 2001:
Alright, I'm all settled in at college, and I have plenty of free time... just ask
my professors! I hope to be starting up the Frasier Quote of the Day list again
within the next few weeks. I will start sending quotes as soon as there are ten
people subscribed to the list! It's up to you... I hope it will be soon!

August 6, 2001:
If you haven't already heard, has become defunct and is kicking all their
'clients' off. I learn about this on August 5, 2001-- the day before the site was
closing down. So I lost all e-mail adresses on both the lists. I hope to get lists
up and running in the near/distant future. Sometime before I graduate college?? We
can only hope! Until then, I will try to keep everyone on the net updated via this page
to what is going on. Check back here every once in a while!

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