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Kelsey Grammer (Dr. Frasier Crane) and
David Hyde Pierce (Dr. Niles Crane) star in
the NBC award-winning comedy series,

Dr. Frasier Crane, help is only a phone call

The full cast of Frasier! (From L to R) Dan
Butler (Bulldog), Peri Gilpin (Roz Doyle),
David Hyde Pierce (Niles Crane), Kelsey
Grammer (Frasier Crane), Jane Leeves
(Daphne Moon), and John Mahoney (Martin

Frasier and Niles, two crazy Cranes!

With Eddie under one arm, this "Frasier"
photo is complete!

Dr. Frasier Crane on his radio show. Does
anyone out there need a psychiatrist?

Frasier and Roz in their favorite hang-out.
Looks like he’s got another crazy idea in the

The dashing cast of Frasier.

Jane Leeves makes a beautiful Daphne. Eat
your heart out Niles!

They almost forgot their most adorable cast
member—Moose! Moose plays "Eddie the
dog" on the show.

Those looks mean trouble, but with Lillith in
the picture, who's surprised?

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