I'm starting to think maybe I should spend an hour or two on the couch with you! (To Niles)

Orange Juice, anyone?

Waffles, anyone?

I'd like to venture an opinion, here. I know this doesn't exactly concern me, but I feel very strongly about this. I like zither music and I always have.

If your talking about someone named Trica she called to say she was leaving the resteraunt. She also said that you were right about the table, that it was a beautiful table in a prime location and that she wished you were laid out dead on top of it.

Oh, Yes. Fat chance I've got now that you told hime I'm pregnant. How am I suppose to get rid of this bloody baby?!

Oh, Sod-off. You'd think with all your dozens and dozens of men you could atleast leave one for me!

Does anyone else yell at the commercials?

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