I'm a babe magnet, I'm catnip!

This is the night we celebrate peace and togetherness!

This, for those who may have forgotten, is the Doctor Frasier Crane Show!

I'm Listening...

This is Dr. Frasier Crane, wishing you good mental health.

Come to me my white hot flame(To Lilith)

Good, Lord! It's like Christmas in the Gambino house hold!

Awe,..Knock it off.

I think I'll register this dressing gown with the love police...(??)

You are a little weasel aren't you?

Oh My God!!

Party On.

Isn't this peachy!!

Do you want to know what Frasier answering machine says?

I see your still waiting on that spine doner(To Niles)(??)

Your tounge could open a wine bottle!!(To Bebe Glazer)

I feel like a seafront village after the vikings have left ...

Don't forget your warm glass of tang..

Don't you dare gloat you miserable little biscuit whore...

Is there a point to this story looming somewhere on the horizon?


Fraiser Crane...


Not since Quasimodo strolled the streets of mid-evil Paris have so many people uttered the phrase, 'That poor man'.

Because I'm Frasier and I'm a sex-a-holic!

Fraiser discussing dog parties and Martin.

The cows didn't actually come home, but I did hear mooing on the front porch.

Frasier dropping names.

Doesn't anybody listen?!?!

But be sure to leave some room. You're bound to find a little Frasier mint on your pillow when we get home..

Hey! It's only a mo-ped if you pedal it, and I never pedaled.

I'm standing on quicksand, aren't I?

Well, I hate to break this to you, Waltzes with Snobs, but they have left you on the mountain top to die.

The vultures are circling...

Pump Iron. Niles, you don't even pump your own gas.

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