Look at all these different kinds of olive oil! Virgin, Extra Virgin... Extra Virgin? How does that work?

Frasier, before you continue...I shared my bed last night with a dog.

Your bodygaurd's name is Cindy? What's the matter, they're all out of Tiffanies?

(About Frasier)I'll be gald to explain, and if I'm lucky he wouldn't understand and I'll have to explain all over again.

Nah, we're still waiting for his rent-a-goon.

Nothing like starting the day off jelous of a dead guy.

I got him a brand new rubber Eeseburgerchay.

Between you and me, before she married my brother she was easier to make than a peanutbutter sandwich.

*sigh* What's she been smoking?

This is Daphne Moon. She's my Physical Therapist.

Well, get ready to change your mind!

Is Martin married?

Naw, I think that was my knee cracking...

Eight! That's the one shaped like a snowman, right?

I'm not offended, no. My two sons have just said I have oatmeal for brains.

I don't like beer.

It's completely different.

Aww, man, I knew you'd find some way to ruin this.(Dad) Court-side season tickets, VIP parking. (Dad) No, you've got to have your reasons, "It's my ethics", "It's my integrity", "It's my allergies". Well that's it, I'm never getting my hopes up again.

Would you still be doing this if this if these were court-side seats at the opera?

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