Misc. of 'Frasier';

Clive; There comes a time in every man's life when he has to summon up the courage to look a woman straight in the eye, and say...
Niles; Cheese Nips?

Martin & Frasier; What the hell was that?

Maris is missing(Worth every second of downloading)

Super Vixen Roz(Worth every second of downloading)

Niles and Fraiser discussing old times(and Maris).

Niles, Fraiser, and Martin discussing foam..

Daphne, in an attempt to ward off Clive, tells him that Niles is her husband.

Frasier and Niles talking about seeing Maris.

Roz and Niles bantering

Frasier and Niles discussing the family legend.

Could Frasier live without Niles?

Is Martin Crane dead?

Can Niles conquer his fear of dust?

Let's talk about Frasier's 'relationship'.

Martin's ideas about TV remote controls...

Opinions on secret admirers.

What did Martin experience? In a squad car?!?

Would Niles steal...from the classics?

The new system at Cafe Nervosa has gone amiss.

What time is Frasier's show on?

The Crane's appliances are on an adventure!

What is the best show in town?

So, how much does it cost to drown Sherry?

Was there life before the remote control?

I think that Daphne is a bit excited. How about you?

What kind of trees does money grow on?

What do all the buttons really do?

How manly is Niles?

Frasier's Doorbell

How does one get the crap beat out of one these days?

Is Frasier Jewish?

When did Martin know that Frasier would never be a cop?

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