End of story, case closed, that's all she wrote.

That was amazing!

I spent three years considering Daphne from all angles...

Her lips said 'No', but her eyes said 'Read my lips'..

You were last seen hiking up Mount Ego...(to Frasier)

Ohhh, Mama!

If you could work the phrase "Rat's ass" in there you'd have it!

Her lips said 'No', but her eyes said 'Read My Lips'.

Here's something interesting....I think I just swallowed my tongue!!

I can feel the steam rising off my toddy already!

You don't have to be a star to twinkle(Quoting Dr. Honey Snow to Frasier)

I see that 'Wow' and raise you a 'zowie'

Frasier, we have all week to analize your dream, Right now there's a huge bug in the shower.

Oh, Really?

I spent half the time hiding in the the way, Mrs. Papus is having an affair.

A slite crush? There are canables that are less man-hugery..

I'm surprised the country music people havn't jumped all over this one..

Atleast your deep enough to realize your shallow..

I understand, of course. One month is quite a milestone. Thanks for the reminder, I need to change my water filter.

Just so you know, Frasier, I have unusually small kidneys.

Where is Frasier? He knows we have reservations at B(P?)avetas. If your late, they give away your table and make you sit in the kitchen with the owners mother.

Jugglers have carphones?

Don't try to pass it off as something deeper than it is. The only thing you two have in common is the faint impression of the word 'sealy' on your backsides.

This is a small world!

I want to prove I'm strong and independant and I can't do that alone.

What do postal workers, according to Niles, do in their spare time?

Niles, Does he stuff them or not?

You can fool them but you can't fool me...

I'm on to you little man...

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