Uh-oh. This sounds like personal, private, family stuff. So, what's this grudge your talking about?

I bet he gets looks from lots of women...

Well, I'd ask you to explain that, but then you would.

Now I'm suppose to put up with in-laws and I don't even have a husband? That's like posing nude for your art teacher and still flunking the course!

Is Fraiser selfish?

Frasier, your asking me to call a man that camped outside apartment building and held a big sign up that said, "Roz Doyle is afraid to love"

I hate you.

It's not like I copied his name off his mailbox so I could look up his number and call him while he's in the shower so I could watch him cross the room naked to answer the phone in front of the picture window. That would be wrong.

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